Tutorial: Aligning Textures in Inventor

As you may already know, Inventor allows you to include image based textures with your colors. And, from time to time you may have wanted better control over displaying the textures, such as aligning them along an axis, but didn't know how to go about getting what you wanted. That is what this brief tutorial is all about, aligning textures, as in the image below.

Aligning textures is simple because it is all a matter of texture naming. As you see in the image above, the same image was used for each object, the key though, is that the image was renamed to fit each condition. Here's the key...

Let's say the name of the original image is Wood_01.jpg. I want a texture for each of the alignments shown. So, I make copies of the texture image and rename them as follows:

Once you've named them, create colors that use the images. Then assign them to your components as you have need. You may want to set up a folder in which to keep the various alignments so that it serves as a reminder.

IMPORTANT: Inventor Studio (Inventor R10) does not support the display/rendering of these specially named textures. I expect that it will in Inventor R11.