Legends of Ascot

Circa 1988 Sprint Car
The car looks like it is leaning towards Bill because, in the rear it is; there is 4" of stagger between the rear tires.
I took this shot to talk about those rear tires.
Left Rear: 104-14x17, near as I can tell, this refers to circumference, width, rim.
The 14 is for 14" wide tread on a 17" Dia. Rim
Right Rear: 108-18x17
Late 50's, early 60's 110 c.i. Offenhauser Midget Ford Flathead 60 V8 with two single barrel carbs. Though a V8, there are only three exhaust ports per side.
Late 50's, early 60's 110 c.i. with hood open As you can see, the Offy was a twin cam engine. 4 cyl. 110 ci in its smaller form. Sprint cars used a 255 ci and later a 270 ci version. The 110's were virtually identical scale models of the bigger engines.
Another shot of the 48 car.  
This is a Chevy Sprint Car driven by Billy Wilkerson in his heyday. It is beautifully restored as you can see. Those wheels are "true" mag (magnesium) wheels. Light weight and strong.  
  My friend Bill Lamb with the #2 Sprinter
This Sprint Car was driven by A.J.Foyt.
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